Target market segmentation sony bravia

Some findings are deemed more informative than others but nevertheless some discoveries have been found that can aid Sony in future marketing decisions and strategies.

Focus groups have the ability to extract personal opinion from participants and if managed and directed properly can be a very good source of data. This segment is extremely motivated by price and look for the cheapest TV possible.

European Journal of Marketing. This participant had a lot of input into the group.

Sony Segmentation

If we accelerate tothis number has increased to This will help to meticulously test the propositions put forward by the author. Decision process focuses around getting a large TV to satisfy their entertainment needs.

New Approach: Sony marketing aims at lifestyle segments

Ideally, if time was less constrained, the author would have like to look at the population in more detail and formed up to six different groups that would represent the socio-economic build up of the population. By examining each question individually, changes in certain attributes can be identified and discussed.

Perhaps another enlightening discovery was the importance of online price comparison sites, particularly to the male members of the group. Doing a Successful Research Project: This pattern has been put on a parameter scale with males situated towards the technologically driven and females situated at the other end of the scale towards style driven.

A Sony spokeswoman confirmed the authenticity of the memo. Further comments suggest that some cells should not be considered more desirable than others. Markets of a single customer: Customer driven and organisational integration aspects of a company fit into a matrix used in analysing segmentation archetypes within companies.

By doing this attractive target segments can be selected and a product offering can be customised to fit the relevant segments. The 18th and 19th of September, were spent within the Currys store in Guildford and questionnaires were filled out during working hours. Question 7 — Please indicate your household income per annum?

Organizational Archetypes and Research Agendas.

Sony Segmentation

The first character would relate to the group and the second character would relate to the participant. Decision process focuses around getting a large TV to satisfy their entertainment needs.

When interviewers were in the stores of Comet and Currys gathering data, it was evident that there were more males than females browsing or purchasing a new TV. These consumers do not consider technology important at all and therefore have limited knowledge. However, the results obtained illustrate quite the opposite.

Discoveries have been highlighted and recommendations given on how to react to the changes in market segmentation that have occurred over recent years.Sony will position Return on Equity (ROE) as its primary key performance indicator and has set a target for consolidated ROE of more than 10% and a target for consolidated operating profit of more than billion yen for the Sony Group in FY, the final year of its mid-range corporate plan.

Nov 23,  · Ø There are four types of market.

Sony to Target Commercial Customers (SNE)

Demographic, behavioristic, psychographic, geographic segmentations. Sony aims on psychographic and demographic variables. The psychographic segmentation is one which uses people lifestyle, activities, interests, personal attributes and motives.

Marketing Strategies for Segmentation of Sony Bravia

The video game arm of multinational company Sony is reportedly targeting its PlayStation VR to commercial customers. Target Audience Segmentation Psychographic The target audience is one of the largest brands in the Sony. Competitors and makes a new product developed by Sony without losing product on the market will take time.

Segmentation and Target Market MKT/ August 26, Meraj Khan Segmentation and Target Market Target Market, Segmentation and Positioning of McDonald’s McDonald’s is a fast food giant and is one of the best known burger chains in the world. McDonald’s builds its brand equity by listening to its customers and continually adjusting its.

Sony Corp. of America's Sony Electronics is in the midst of a sweeping internal re-organization of its marketing that will enable it to target products and services to consumers' life stages.

Target market segmentation sony bravia
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