Curtin university thesis binding

Printing and photocopying fees

Cloud migration a case that learners may need to read for its value in other respects they are more or less than. Oral examination An examiner or the Thesis Chairperson may recommend that you undergo an oral examination to clarify aspects of the thesis you have submitted.

You should complete these in as short a time as possible to the satisfaction of the Chairperson.

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The word count would depend on a number of factors including the number of diagrams, amount of detailed design work required, etc, so please check with your supervisor what would be appropriate in your case. The hard bound copy of your thesis is for the Department library. Examiners may request that their names be kept confidential indefinitely.

Where will my thesis be available?


Accepted by supervisor on the projects database: References should be written in correct format. Audio or video files may be uploaded as supplementary files during the submission process. If it is not, you must email GRS.

Complete the relevant sections on the copyright and release of thesis for examination form [. Please see the current academic calendar available at: The report may be freely copied and distributed provided the source is acknowledged.

Final examination outcome and approval to graduate After being satisfied that the external examination process is complete, your Thesis Chairperson will make a recommendation to the Faculty Graduate Studies Committee FGSC.

How do I prepare the files? What if I have multimedia files as part of my thesis? Generally, a thesis should also be excellent in its standard of presentation, English expression, grammar, etc. The names of your examiners must be kept confidential during the examination process.

You may need to submit a redacted copy if your thesis contains third party copyright material for which you have not been able to secure permission or if your thesis contains Intellectual Property restrictions, cultural, political, or other sensitive information which you cannot make public.

Preparing and submitting your thesis

You must submit three identical copies of your report to the FYP coordinator before your presentation.

On the request of the Director of Graduate Research, thesis examiners can be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. It gives you something you can talk about knowledgeably and enthusiastically to prospective employers. Your Supervisor will suggest amendments to your draft and return it to you so you can make any necessary changes.

When your work is on espace it remains unpublished. You should make sure that any technical material is appropriately annotated and consistently presented. Graduating and receiving your award When the University Graduate Studies Committee has classified your thesis as passed, your name will be placed on the graduation list for Conferral of the Award by the Council of the University.This section will guide you in your thesis submission.

It is recommended that you review the guidelines for Submission of Thesis for Examination. Queries related to procedures for submitting your thesis should be directed to the Thesis Examination Officer.


Preparing and submitting your thesis

EFFECTS OF CHANGES IN THE RULES. “University Graduate Studies Committee” –means the standing committee of the Academic Board. TOP. Appeals Against Classification of Thesis BINDING AND DISTRIBUTION OF THESIS COPIES to Curtin University of Technology Academic Award Structures Policies and Procedures).

All students must observe Curtin's. Appeals Against Classification of Thesis BINDING AND DISTRIBUTION OF THESIS COPIES to Curtin University of Technology Academic Award Structures Policies and Procedures).

Printing and photocopying fees

All students must observe Curtin's statutes, rules, policies and procedures. The. Binding requirements: Although we have the major university guidelines, Curtin Uni, ECU, Murdoch, UWA, Notre Dame, RMIT etc attach the binding requirements that you have so we can ensure you are getting the most current binding needs.

Guidelines and advice for preparing your thesis as a higher degree by research student at Curtin University.

Curtin university thesis binding
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