An experience of surfing and the desire to overcome my fear of the deep

These are just a start. If you push yourself to step out of your comfort zone, then your surfing can only improve. If you get held under water for three waves are you able to stay calm without panicking? People who love the ocean feel that same compelling necessity.

Adopt a willingness to fail attitude All of this training to move toward discomfort was working. When I heard about the Shark Shield — the device that can apparently make a shark feel like it just got slammed by an imaginary Muhammed Ali — I was interested.

The first year I surfed I was horrified of tiny one foot crumblers. My coach made me swim back to shore myself.

Fighting the most common surf fears

With time and dedication, anyone can turn their fear of the ocean into the pure joy of surfing on four foot waves and beyond! It might sound a little strange, but because of this hurdle surfing has become one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I actually came to like surfing better than snowboarding! It was terrifying but I got rid of everything: Eventually, as you conquer the footers it becomes more important to listen to your gut instinct.

But a funny thing happened. Title photo by opensourceway via Flickr. He explains that this allowed him to connect to his audience better, something they recognized. Learn how to read your fear—is it just nervous excitement or flat out fear? The thought of a shark is enough to make me get out of the bathtub.

I realized that managing my fear of the ocean is as much about having the skills to handle any situation in the water as it is about confidence and attitude. Finally, it came time to do the most uncomfortable thing yet; I needed to face my fear of failure.

Steps to get over your fear of the ocean: If not, what holds you back? Some are afraid of being caught beneath a wave. Carbonell lists some common things people do when they fear speaking to an audience: The key here, and this is crucial, is to be aware of the different ways you can bail out safely.

When you do fall, it often feels like your underwater for a long time when in reality, you usually surface in 10 seconds. The only way to keep it under control is to do something about it.

Overcoming fear of wiping out – In surfing and in life

It helps build confidence in your topic. I felt immense pride in myself for going for it. While he was nervous practicing in front of a crowd, the informal setting allowed him to hammer out his familiarity with his work in a safer setting. Having a clear goal will dramatically increase your speed of reaching it.

He notes that meditating for five minutes a day can help release stress and clear your mind. His fear was so severe that he struggled to even get out a few sentences in his younger years. Getting over your fear of the ocean involves taking small, well educated risks. Public speaking terrifies a lot of people; in fact, for a long time it topped the list of personal fears, and is still rather high in the present day.

When the waves get beyond three feet the power increases exponentially. Being honest and simply speaking about your own experiences and beliefs can be terrifying, but also freeing.

Are you able to stay calm underwater instead of panicking? This can even help when actually giving a presentation.

Naturally, the easiest method to fix this is to practice constantly.

How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking: 5 Tips from the Pros

I remember one moment particularly clearly. You can use mental techniques to gain more confidence, overcome nervousness, brush off messing it up in front of people who you want to impress and erase mental scars caused by a near drowning experiences for example.

Injury often comes as a result of not committing to the wave, especially for beginners.With regard to fear in surfing: Having surfed for many years (I used to take the stagecoach to the beach!) and in a lot of different places, the one thing that has always concerned me is the surfer with an attitude.

Surfing can be a pain in the arse. The teacher of many life lessons including overcoming fear. Guest writer Mel talks us through her experience learning to surf big waves. Your body and ego take a bashing, but you always walk away stronger.

It ran my life. And so so I realized I needed to change. That was a life-changing experience. My point here is to say that fear can be a great motivator for change if instead of running away we look at it and look at it and understand what it is trying to tell us.

Overcoming Fear Of The Ocean

It helped me to look at it and looking at it changed my life. Thanks for the post. Most ocean lovers and researchers say people are afraid of sharks because they don’t know anything about them. Bianca’s right. Sharks rarely attack people — the odds are 1 in million — but when they do, it’s all over the news.

Sharks are easy to sensationalize because the vast majority of the world is already scared of them. Overcoming fear in surfing: Yoga exercise can help you get your body surf-fit and flexible, but simple yoga exercises can also help you calm your nerves.

To overcome the fear of success phobia, one must first accept it; even consider the fear a gift. Writing down one’s thoughts and changing negative into positive ones can be a great self-help technique while dealing with this phobia.

An experience of surfing and the desire to overcome my fear of the deep
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